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Free Trade and Warehousing Zone under SEZ Act2005 and Rules 2006
  • “Free Trade and Warehousing Zone” means a Special Economic Zone wherein mainly trading and warehousing and other activities related thereto are carried on;” (Refer Section 2(n) of SEZ Act 2005)
  • Free Trade and Warehousing Zone Unit under “A Special Economic Zone” shall, deemed to be a territory outside the customs territory of India for the purposes of undertaking the authorized operations. (Refer per Section 53 of SEZ Act 2005)
  • A Special Economic Zone shall, with effect from such date as Central Government may notify, be deemed to be a port, inland container depot, land station and land customs stations, as the case may be, under section 7 of the Customs Act, 1962.
Foreign (supplier/Buyers) & India (suppliers/Buyers) can warehouse and trade their goods through FTWZ
  • FTWZ Units can hold goods on behalf of Foreign Supplier & Buyer and Indian Supplier & Buyer as wellRefer rule 18(5) of SEZ Rules, 2006 (AS PER SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE INSTRUCTION NO.60 DT: 1st July 2010)
With Cold storage

Maintaining the cold chain is vital to protecting and meeting the demands of today’s ever-changing supply chain. Serama logistics offers services such as cold storage warehousing, cold storage refrigerators transportation all over India. Always on the top of innovation, Serama logistics also provides solutions such as express refrigerated transportation for consignments and portable cold storages.

Contract Logistics (4PL/3PL)

Our solutions design teams are globally aligned while in possession of local knowledge. They work closely with our customers to get in depth understand of your needs and finding the optimal solution addressing these needs. We strongly support and encourage best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors. Continuous improvement through our Business Process Excellence program is embedded in our operations.

Distribution Center

A warehousing operation encompasses many value added processes and critical operations. In the case of plant logistics, these activities involve the complete responsibility of managing inbound traffic management, yard management, and inbound shipment receiving, warehousing and inventory management. In-house processes can include kitting; sub-assembly and any other value-add processes to be managed before parts are supplied to the plant. Serama Logistics comes into the picture by providing you the best possible solutions in the distribution centers.

Bonded Warehouse

The importers could store cargo and effect partial releases thereby deferring duty payment to Customs, and at the same time releasing the international (ISO) container in which the cargo is imported. Bonded warehousing offers a dual advantage to the importer. On the one hand, it allows the deferral to duty payment, and at the same time, allows for cargo to be stored under the relatively cheaper option of warehouse storage as opposed to holding on to an ISO container for which dollar lease rentals accrue on the importer. Serama Logistics has a unique advantage in offering this service