In-Plant Logistics

  • Line feeding
  • FG & RM Warehouse management
  • Material handling (Inbound /Outbound)
  • Assembly Line and Packaging
  • Vendor managed Inventory
  • Logistics and Warehouse solutions
  • Collection & Distribution Management

Our Role


Our Capability

  • End to End Total Supply chain Management
  • Total In Plant /Factory Logistics Management
  • Logistics & Warehouse Solutions Management
  • Milk run collection /Cross docking and Line feed
  • De Boxing /Crating/Lot –Batch making /Kan-ban Delivery
  • Location Matrix, House Keeping & 5S Implementation
  • Total Inventory Management
  • Packing solution , CKD kits, SKD Kits, Value added Service

Our Scope of Work

  • To study current logistics set up and arriving on material flow visibility
  • Analysis the current flow of materials and Improvising store Mgt
  • Time and motion study and improvising the TAT
  • Total Inventory Management and Reduction in Inventory carry cost
  • Flexi Man power structure and deployment
  • Line Store and Line feeding Management
  • Vendor supply management
  • Finally arriving on solution to cost reduction per truck

Our 3 Stage Approach

3 stage

Our Value Proposition Outline

Serama's Value Proposition takes into consideration these components:

Saving in over all Supply Chain Cost Serama will bring cost efficiency in the over all supply chain cost by introducing automated receipt and line feeding, introduction of KANBAN system and total inventory through out entire production cycle.
Enhanced Throughput Capacity & service level Serama will have dedicated team to serve In-plant warehousing operations. shared pool of resources for managing higher throughput volume against uncertain production planning.
Scalable model Serama can leverage shared resources & MHE for efficient resource utilization during fluctuation of production pattern. This will be flexi manpower deployment on demand.
End to End supply chain solution Going forward- Serama can work towards integration of end to end supply chain management , Serama can leverage its experience & capability to built most efficient end to end supply chain services and Serama could be one provider all supply chain services –linking supplier to production
value proposition