• Package management, repacking, labelling, kit assembly, CKD assembly, bundling, screen printing on package or products, weight management, pick & pack and many more as per requirement through special permission.
  • Temperature controlled chambers for storage of shelf life & perishable cargo storage.
  • Setting up Quality control platform like a Quality check, testing, measurement, weighing, Sampling etc.
  • Reverse logistics, including repairs and refurbishing
  • Re-invoicing
  • Assembly of CKD and SKD kits
  • Pick & pack, Kitting
  • Bar-coding
  • Labelling & Re-labeling
  • Cutting, Blending & Polishing
  • Bottling
  • Clubbing
  • Consolidation
  • Quality checking
  • Testing, kitting
  • Combination packing
  • Handling
  • Storage of empty containers
  • Bar-coding
Unique Benefits for


  • Flexibility towards end distribution in India
  • Duty deferment benefits (freeing up working capital & increasing sales)
  • Quality control capability before duty-payment
  • Hassle-free re-export regulatory /duty implications
  • Reduced buffer stocks
  • Lowered product costs
  • Foreign exchange transaction capability
Unique Benefits for


  • Products from India entering the FTWZ are treated as deemed export providing immediate benefits to suppliers. Suppliers can avail such benefits through their Zone.
  • Local Tax Exemption (e.g. CST, Sales Tax, Excise & VAT) while goods procured for further export through FTWZ.
  • Export quotas or export obligation can be met for companies exporting into FTWZ by EOU units, under EPGC or any other export obligation units.
  • Increased efficiency through lowered reverse logistics through quality control before dispatch from India (creation of multi suppliers consolidation platform, quality check platform, Value-added platform (VAS) like packing/ kitting/Labeling
  • Foreign exchange transactions capability.
  • Increasing supply chain efficiencies (forward & reverse) while enhancing capital cash flow.
Unique Benefits for


  • Import and multi countries export through FTWZ by India or Foreign companies.
  • A mix of imported material and local procurement materials for final export through FTWZ
  • Exemption from custom and stamp duty on products imported into FTWZ; meant for re-export out of India
  • Hassle-free re-export process with various value-added services
  • Ability to leverage India's cost, skill & geographic positioning advantage as a hub for regional/global distribution post Value Optimizing activities